a fresh start. Exquisite Japanese cuisine
from the finest ingredients.

The organic café “ti.po” was established 7 years ago
and have enjoyed continued support from our patrons ever since.
As we grew, our wish to provide even more enjoyable,
delicious meals to our customers grew even stronger. Thus, starting afresh, “ti.po” was reestablished
as the Japanese restaurant, “Kotobuki”.

With Japanese cuisines and confections made from the finest seasonal ingredients,
we aim to be a place where our customers may take a breather from the hustle and bustle,
to just relax and enjoy a soothing heartwarming meal.

shop information

Business hours
Saturday-Sunday-public holiday

*Friday Regular holiday
*For long-term holidays such as New Year holidays and Golden Week
Please check the business day on the news and SNS.
22, Hatayashiki Kuzuyacho, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama, 640-8384
Three parking lots for Matsue Shoten next to the three stores Only our parking lot. Please do not park in the adjacent vacant land.
Parking map
*No designated parking spots. If parking area is full, please use the coin parking area nearby. (Daytime : ¥100/hour, max ¥200 // Nighttime : ¥200/hour, max ¥600)
TEL 073-422-0559
Mail info@shokudou-kotobuki.com

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owner/mami sakamoto

ownermami sakamoto

Born in 1974 in Wakayama. Founder of Kotobuki.
After leaving university, she worked in a travelling agency and later, wanting to see the world, flew to New York in her 20s, where she worked in the travel and food industry. After returning to Japan, she continued working in cafes, seafood restaurants, and hotels.
In 2011, she independently established the organic café, “ti.po”, and later, in August 2017, rebranded it as “Kotobuki”, a Japanese restaurant operating day and night.
“the best reward to me is seeing customers leaving with a smile on their faces.
I want to provide food which customers may thoroughly enjoy with their 5 senses, something that just makes them smile. That is why I started this kotobuki. I dream of an ever-lasting Kotobuki, as we connect with local suppliers, learn, change, adapt and grow together.”